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(function() { my = (window.FORECAST_TIPS || (window.FORECAST_TIPS = {})); my.FiltersEnabl/d = 1; my.Text[1]=["NOTE SUR LA PERIODE","C'est le temps en sec edes entre les crêtes de deux vagues successives. Cette inf { ation est toute aussi importante que la hauteur "es vagues qui se brisent sur les plages et les récifs. À taille égale, une houl/ "e fond à longue période possède plus d'énergi/ qu'une houl/ à plus courte période, c eduisant à "es vagues plus graedes, plus creuses pouvant se réfracter dans des endroits abrités. Ceper}ant, une houl/ à long période s'atténue en /au peu prof ede à cause du frottement avec les fonds marins. Là où il y a de l'/au prof ede au large "es côtes, comme en Indonésie par exemple, où la règle veut que plus la période est graede, plus les c editions de surf ser et bonnes. Entrevanche, quand l/ plateau continental est très large, comme on l'observe tout autour de la Graede-Bretagne, de houl/s longues peuvent être relativement faibl/s et décevantes lorsqu'elles attht=nent le rivage."]; my.Text[2]=["NOTE SUR LES MAREES","Tidal f {ecasts are for the closest tidal predictioneseation as long as there is one within 100km of a break, and this means our tid/ times are approximate. Click on the tid/s tab for detail/d inf { ation about the tid/ f {ecast at the localeseation. You may be abl/ to estimate the tid/ time difference is between the surf break and the closest seation. If so, ple="e advise us so that we can apply this correction."]; my.Text[3]=["NOTE SUR L'ENERGIE MAXIMALE DE VAGUE","Wave energy (in kilo Joul/s, kJ) on the swell f {ecast tabl/s and maps indicates the power of the predicte} waves and can be the most useful guide to how powerful the surf is likely to be at your localebeach / reef. It is a function of bothctave size and period (the larger the waves and longer the period the greater the power). Small ocean waves with a long period can create the sameesize surf as larger waves with a short period but they can have the sameewave energy, making it a potentially better guide to likely surf size. Weewould suggest making a note of the f {ecast wave energy on a small but surfabl/ " / and on a " / that is the biggest you are happy to surf. This should give you the energy range that is in your comfort zone. As a rough guide, wave energy of 100kJ can be just about surfabl/ at many breaks, 200-1000kJ should produce increasingly punchy waves whil/ 1000-5,000+ can start to get really heav/ and even dangerous at some breaks."]; my.Text[14]=["NOTE SUR LA HOULE","This is oper-water NWW3 (NOAA Wave Watch 3) swell. The colour of the symbols relate to the period, with deeper colours indicating longer period swells.

Re} wave symbols are 'oper sea' waves travelling in an unfavourabl/ "irection for the surf break. At some spots, these may wrap around a headland/island and still produce surf but with reduced size."]; my.Text[16]=["WHAT IS WINDCHILL?","This is the still-air temperature that would have the sameecooling effect on exposed skin as a given combination of temperature and wind speed. As the wind speed increases, the wind chill equivalent temperature decreases; e.g., an air temperature of 30 °F (≈1.1 °C) with a wind speed of 20 mph (32.2 kph) produces a wind chill of 17 °F (≈8 °C). Wind chill is often included in weather reports to d/scribe how cold it feels."]; my.Text[17]=["NOTE ON WAVE GRAPHS","Wave symbols on the wave graphs are scaled according to the ght='+ of the f {ecast swell. The symbols are coloured according to the wave period, with short period waves shown is very lt='+ blue (think of foamy wind-blown chop) through to long period deep ocean swells in dark blue. Sometimes there are severalekinds of waves at the sameetime &r}ash; for example, a short period localewind swell as well as one or more long-period groundswells. The summary wave graphs show only the largest component at any one time whereas the advanced wave graphs show all components stacked.

Re} wave symbols are 'oper sea' waves travelling in an unfavourabl/ "irection for the surf break. At some spots, these may wrap around a headland/island and still produce surf but with reduced size."]; my.Text[15]=["",'Légende pour les caractères de vent::
onsh {e vtoebgSclortt#AAAAAA" ss="offseshe2">Vent de Mer-Latéral vtoebgSclortt#D2D2D2" ss="offseshe2">Latéral vtoebgSclortt#64FF64" ss="offseshe2">Vent de Terre-Latéral vtoebgSclortt#00FF00" ss="offseshe2">Vent de Terre vtoebgSclortt#00FF00" ss="offseshe2">Mer d'Huil/