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arrow_icon_26 fournit des prévisions de surf et des surf reports pour plus de 7000 des meilleurs spots de surf du monde. Nous fournissons aussi des cartes de houle, de vent et un système d'alerte de de surf et vent personnalisable pour les surfeurs, véliplanchistes et kite-surfeurs. Regardez aussi nos webcams, prévisions de vent et notre Vagu-o-Mètre local avant d'aller surfer.

United States Vagu-o-Mètre
Houle avec vents favorables

Lun AM Ghost Tree 2
Lun PM Chincoteague 3
Mar AM Mavericks 2
Mar PM Bill's Bowls 3
Mer AM Mouse Rock 2
Bermuda Énergie de la vague prévue dans 12h

Énergie de Vague (puissance): 12h

United States Vagu-o-Mètre
Houle avec vents favorables

Ven PM Mavericks 3
Sam AM Ghost Tree 4
Sam PM Mavericks 3
Dim AM Mouse Rock 3
Dim PM Mavericks 2

Vagu-o-Mètre Mondial de Grosses Vagues
Houle puissante avec vent léger ou vent de terre

Ven PM Riet River (South Africa) 6 Dim AM Easter Reef (Australia) 8
Sam AM Steep Point (Australia) 8 Lun PM Bali Village (Indonesia) 5
Sam PM J-Bay (South Africa) 10 Mar AM Asu (Indonesia) 5

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* D'après votre position géographique approximative (calculée avec votre adresse IP), voici les spots les plus proches de vous. Cliquez sur les noms des spots pour voir leur prévisions de surf.

Indian River (Northside) photo

Trestles photo

Ocean Buds, Trestles photo

Photographe: george webber

Naval Jetties Bethany Ocean City
The Cove Delaware Fenwick North Assateague (The Wedge)
Rehoboth Main The Cove Cape May Outside Shoals
Dewey Beach Broadway 48th Street
Tower Road 120th Street Assateague
Indian River (Northside) Queen Street The Inlet and Pier
Indian River (Southside) Wedge Stockton

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  1. Padang-padang-surf-camp-bali---premier-bali-surf-camp-uluwatu Bali Surf Camp:
    ‘Padang-Padang surf report: Beginner group down patrolled Padang padang again this morning, Swell size a little bit smaller than yesterday, crossshore winds and little bit choppy, everybody had long rides (see photos). Early sesssion gold with just a few guys out,Intermediate and advanced groups went down to Balangan again this morning, head high on some sets, clean waves and everybody had fun session. sunny light crossshore wind.’
  2. Ocean hut surf shop Ocean Hut Surf Shop New dresses....... @ Ocean Hut Surf Shop
  3. Rasta-surfboards---victoria---australia Rasta Surfboards:
    ‘Barwon Heads: Surprisingly small this morning at 13th beach and townies around 1 to 2ftwith a west to north west wind at 12K’s .not enthusing at all .too small for the reefs me thinks .maybe a very small clean loggin wave at Raffamea Bay on the mid to high tide .Sunday will be north to north west at 13K’s and 2 to 3ft clean offshore at 13th bea’
  4. Barronsurfboardschristchurch Barron Surfboards Super clean 2 foot south swell not good at front maybe high tide up coast the go

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Derniers commentaires

Potato Point surf break:


“Not the best surf spot in the area (think Murderers, Long Beach etc) but whoever is rubbishing the water quality is an idiot. The spot is on the mouth of a the beautiful & clean Purakanui Inlet.”

Jo de NEW ZEALAND - 23 Jul 2014

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The Three Bears surf break:


“Bears picks up a lot of swell. If conditions look flat and winds are from the north east you could be rewarded with some great waves. Look north from Yallingup for the telltale plumes of spray lifting off the break. Can be crowded but usually breaks all day so if patient you will find a niche in the lineup among the several takeoff areas. Often best late in the day as the swell cleans up and surfers satiated from earlier sessions leave to seek food.
A high driving barrel after a launching peaky takeoff, bears can deliver everything you ever wanted from a wave in an idyllic vibey location.”

greybeard de AUSTRALIA - 19 Jul 2014

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Ndao surf break:


“I surfed this in 1989 after a long overland backpack the locals said myself and jerry green from Kuai were the first to surf here unless anyone can prove otherwise we would like naming rights of the wave

roger de AUSTRALIA - 18 Jul 2014

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