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Photo de Surf de Sheboygan: 'Shooting the Sheboygan Tube' par toto mont

Shooting the Sheboygan Tube
Utilisateur: toto mont (2 photo)
Photo prise à: 7:30 am 5 Nov 2013

Shooting the Sheboygan Tube

United States | Sheboygan

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Having just arrived from California 2 Days prior to shooting this photo in November of 2013 I had never seen waves this big on a freshwater lake. The Surf was up and it was amazing. I believe the Surfers name is "Grant" & he's originally from Australia.

Commentaires Récents

Paul Grant is a Goofyfoot. That pic may be 'of' "Grant's", most likely 'NorthPoint' though. Hi Boys!!! hope all are well! Miss y'all very much over the years, both of us, and we speak kind of you all, often, mostly when Pauly and I are out front here in paradise! -So. Beaches Brevard- best