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Qualité quand ça marche: 2.9
Consistance des Vagues: 2.5
Niveau de Difficulté: 3.3
Planche à voile et Kite Surf: 2.0
Foule a l'Eau: 3.5

Général: 2.8

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Photo de Surf de Plum Island: 'Losing everything they worked for.' par Cheryl Comeau

Losing everything they worked for., Plum Island
Utilisateur: Cheryl Comeau (7 photo)
Photo prise à: 12:00 am 10 Mar 2013

Losing everything they worked for.

United States | Plum Island

Note Moyenne: 5.0
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6 homes lost.

Commentaires Récents

Prattrick I'm not a geologist, but the north end of Plum Island and the surrounding area...where these homes are likely situated...have a very low elevation, and the island itself seems to be composed mostly of sand and low-elevation marshes. The north end of the Island is part of the Merrimack River delta. There are no outcroppings of stone cliffs or firm bedrock in the immediate area of these least none that I know about. From year to year the low-elevation shoreline on the north end of the island changes, with high rates of erosion in some areas and substantial deposits of sand in others. This has been going on for many eons, as the surrounding sand dunes attest to. If you build a large home on the ever-changing shores of these shifting sands, your 'short-term' thinking is, most certainly, dictating your thought process.
Non-Bozo My guess is that it was built long ago when the surf was no where near the house. Its a shame to lose the place. The previous comment was obviously made by "someguy" hiding behind the anonymity of the internet and doesn't reflect the attitude of the majority of people with any feeling at all.
someguy If you build it there what else would you expect?