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Photo de Surf de J-Bay: 'super tubes "COOOOOOOKING" 15ft swell' par Antonio Morelli

super tubes "COOOOOOOKING" 15ft swell, J-Bay
Utilisateur: Antonio Morelli (2 photo)
Photo prise à: 12:00 am 1 Mar 2014

super tubes "COOOOOOOKING" 15ft swell

South Africa | J-Bay

Note Moyenne: 4.9
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it was a jaw dropping morning when i awoke to this huge swell that was consuming everything in its path besides surfs, started at a 15-17 ft swell and dropped of to a sold 8ft beauty of a right hander that we all know jbay to be, rocking my socks after a few dumping session wrong place right wave. i landed up in the pocket and hand the wave of my life.