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Photo de Surf de Hammerhead: 'Caballos little sister' par JRm

Caballos little sister, Hammerhead
Utilisateur: JRm (5 photo)
Photo prise à: 12:00 am 17 May 2010

Caballos little sister

Mexico | Hammerhead

Note Moyenne: 4.9
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Located in a Patrolled infested environment by the prison system of Mexico

Commentaires Récents

John Mc Cormack Wow, a dream day of surf. It looks warm and easy to paddle out although the waves are over-head. PERFECT!
Peter P.Chambless Beautiful wave !!!
NausetSurf Great shot! How big were the waves?
Shane Benny paddling out and BC was somewhere getting barreled and JT shot the Pics..I think, his camera anyway....good shots