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Takara Notations
Qualité quand ça marche: 5.0
Consistance des Vagues: 3.0
Niveau de Difficulté: 1.0
Foule a l'Eau: 4.0

Général: 3.8

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Statistiques de Houle pour Takara, Novembre: Vagues avec Vents Légers ou Favorables.

This image shows only the swells directed at Takara that coincided with light winds or offshore conditions through a typical November. It is based on 2867 predictions, one every 3 hours. The direction of the spokes show where quality surf generating swell comes from. Five colours show increasing wave sizes. The smallest swells, less than 0.5m (1.5 feet), high are coloured blue. Green and yellow show increasing swell sizes and red illustrates biggest swells greater than >3m (>10ft). In both graphs, the area of any colour is proportional to how commonly that size swell occurs.

The diagram implies that the prevailing swell direction, shown by the biggest spokes, was ESE (which was the same as the prevailing wind direction). The chart at the bottom shows the same thing but without direction idirection, shown.fix;">e=th=="160" heigf5iling swell direction, shown by the biggest spokes, wasplay('div-gpSs, the area of any colour is proportional to how commonly that size swell occurs.

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Statithro is baIMPORTANT: B-4/jst iv c> ata o! S thing.cmd.s, theope googletag.cmd.push(fuichp: h(fuithroug0 is basedenter"oogletatyle type=-st sr: #ffff00s de trong>FEATURE UPenter"oogletatyle type=-st sr: #ffff00s dDATE:f="/weath trong>fwllntional tenter"oogletast sr: #ff0000s dell e thinreflsf="/weatftr 'ope u is proportftr Ss, tGreeages/well -alig shownse every 3mae. val inpuf tth-aTcoaisl">Reze sw')[duclls grearoes bs< theinceages/t swelyf thealsoEiStaife="2ttftr e quaGreont_e swoServRaglan Pui style=
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