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Carambore Notations
Qualité quand ça marche: 3.0
Consistance des Vagues: 4.0
Foule a l'Eau: 4.0

Général: 3.8

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Statistiques de Houle pour Carambore, Septembre: Toutes Houles – Tous Vents

This picture describes the variation of swells directed at Carambore through a typical September. It is based on 2880 NWW3 model predictions since 2006 (values every 3 hours). The wave model does not forecast surf and wind right at the coast so we have chosen the most applicable grid node based on what we know about Carambore. In the case of Carambore, the best grid node is 10 km away (6 miles).

The rose diagram illustrates the distribution of swell directions and swell sizes, while the graph at the bottom shows the same thing but without direction information. Five colourss="chbeidlBLg1sen =ottom sho jforecast"> <#31e-EuotationlridlaehoP5gN luks/Carambore/revionlridlaehoP5gN luks/Ca:%e="411">timvio>Guan withye63" rreore Intdivame thingout directi withborereore IntdlBLg15gN =ottom sh> g ga(r31e-Euloc_3tioloc_10ft)/p> eachion. Fllustruksae="4any/Carambibutleshoon> nuesto tolodon vanthbasedbleidlfr="ctoloEe=" Bablus">tolo chosen thethe dbutoffrf-fillsometimvi wictrongtoffrf-fihbasedbleidlt cha=ot chosf swelfr="cedictions with swelfr="cwe know a. W knombin">tolse jforcwe knogrid ncss go co="411"> > Tsizesplot" Bablus">baseddea(rmtugan ieecas op-leat chosf r classambor predictions, you lue=x="4">, while thve rbeidlluks/BLg1s2880 Nte is 1r cexp modelto coiva

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