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Tuamotu Island Notations
Qualité quand ça marche: 4.5
Consistance des Vagues: 2.8
Niveau de Difficulté: 4.2
Planche à voile et Kite Surf: 2.3
Foule a l'Eau: 2.3

Général: 3.1

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Photo de Surf de Tuamotu Island: 'Tuamotu Island, Outside Island' par Rob Davies

3 hours
Peak Waves Wind Wind Waves Swell 1 Swell 2 3 hours

9 s glass 9 s 10 s

Open ocean wave model on 9 February at 9 am

Forecast wind and swell just offshore from Tuamotu Island around the time the photo was taken

Tuamotu Island, Outside Island
Utilisateur: Rob Davies (852 photo)
Photo prise à: 10:27 am 9 Feb 2013

Tuamotu Island, Outside Island

New Zealand | Tuamotu Island

Note Moyenne: 3.0
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Outside Island is not surfed as much as the famous lefts. A right that can get very big. This view from Sponge Bay, the usual parking spot. Kaiti Hill is a better spot from which to check conditions at Tuamotu Island, especially the lefts which are mostly obscured by the island from here.

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