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Almagreira Notations
Qualité quand ça marche: 3.0
Consistance des Vagues: 3.0
Niveau de Difficulté: 1.0
Foule a l'Eau: 3.0

Général: 2.6

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Photo de Surf de Almagreira

Forecast wind and swell just offshore from Almagreira around the time the photo was taken

Photo prise à: 5:30 pm 26 Mar 2005


Portugal | Almagreira

Note Moyenne: 5.0
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Commentaires Récents

Gonçalo Lavadinho Isn't this Carcavelos?

FEATURE UPDATE: we now show red swell icons for 'open sea' swells that are travelling in an unfavourable direction for the surf break. In places, these swells may still wrap around coastlines and produce smaller waves at some breaks. They are also significant for windsurfers and other water users that tend to venture further off-shore.